Tuesday, October 14, 2014

TV REVIEW | Arrow Season 3 Episode 1



  • The action sequences keep getting better and better
  • They continue to advance each of the characters
  • Roy wasn't annoying and seems to have a more defined role on the show
  • No Thea and Roy teenage non-sense


  • The Olicty love story seems a bit rushed.  In the time line of the show it probably makes sense, but as a viewer we jumped very quickly from subtleness to directness.
  • This might not be a bad, but the specific plot seemed a bit routine for a season opener.  If this wasn't episode 8, the story would be perfectly fine villain of the week episode.  But as an opener it felt a bit disappointing.
  • The handling of the big twist at the end of the episode seemed a bit weak.  The twist was good, but they didn't really work it into the plot of the episode particular well.  They could have tacked it onto ANY episode and it wouldn't have been any different.

  • They cast Brandon Routh in a significant role this season
  • Great final twist!  It's setting up would could be an intense season from the get go

RATING - The series looks to still be going strong!

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