Sunday, May 19, 2013

Star Trek Leads the Weekend

As a surprise to no one, Star Trek Into Darkness will be victorious this weekend.  To the surprise of many, it's opening weekend was only slightly ahead of it's predecessor. 

  1. Star Trek Into Darkness - $70,000,000
  2. Iron Man 3 - $35, 182,000
  3. The Great Gatsby - $23,415,000
  4. Pain & Gain - $3,100,000
  5. The Croods - $2,750,000

While the opening weekend started off a bit disappointing in the United States, oversees the film is tracking 80% of the previous film.  Likewise, the last film had very strong legs during it's run.  If this film has similar legs, the film will end up making more money for the studio due to the foreign gross.

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