Monday, May 20, 2013

My Five Favorite Movie Websites

Here are my five favorite movie websites:


This is my favorite movie blog. They cover the types of movies I'm interested in.  When they're reporting on shady rumors, they acknowledge the shadiness of the rumors.

I do not like their movie review Matt Goldberg.  He doesn't like the movies their website covers. I honestly don't know how he's kept his job.


Whoever though of Rotten Tomatoes in the first place had a great idea.  Their rating scale has it's faults, but it's also a pretty good predictor.


This is the standard website for a raw movie database.  It's far more trustworthy on established films than upcoming films.  As longs as you factor that in when reading, it's an incredible resource.


Obviously this isn't a specific movie website, but it's still very helpful.

AMC MOVIE TALK: YouTube Channel

This is my favorite movie news YouTube channel. John Campea is my favorite movie pundit.  He seems to think like me and he doesn't have the pretenses of most movie reviewers.  They also have John Schnep as frequent commenter and he's hilarious.

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