Sunday, May 25, 2014

REVIEW | Robocop (2014)

After much delay (being a responsible parent makes it difficult to go to the movies), I finally saw the remake of Robocop.

Here are my quick thoughts:


  • The first two thirds of the movie feels a bit direction-less. It's unclear what the central conflict is.
  • The PG-13 rating tempers down the brutality of the world they're alluding to.  
  • While they attempt to hint at the satire and commentary of the original, they never fully pull it off.
  • There are some really odd music, costume, and editing/flashback choices.  Why in the 80's were they able to make it look like a face was grafted onto a robot suit, but in the 21st century it just looks like he's wearing a helmet?
  • The final third of the movie picks up a lot of speed and momentum, but just as I was starting to get into the movie, it ended.
  • The cast is great.  
  • They found the right elements of modern culture to satire with the film, but they didn't fully pull it off.
  • This really is a re-conceptualization of Robocop.  If you wrote a two paragraph synopsis of each film they would sound identical, but anything beyond that their are huge differences.  This is extremely important for a movie like this. The original was tied so closely to the cultural climate which created it.  It only makes sense to bring 21st century issues into the new film.  


I had very low expectations for this film. I assumed I would be disappointed, and I was.  At the end of the day, the movie had just enough good ideas that it was frustrating how close they came to a quality remake. If you're a fan of the original, this will disappointed you.

RATING - 6 out of 10 - It was an ok sci-fi action film with an outstanding cast, but it will disappoint fans of the original.

For my full review, watch below.

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